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PVC has high stability and resistance to weather conditions. PVC is easy to precess, merge, dyeing and printing, lightweight, fire resistant and self extinggushing. Soft PVC and plasticized PVC-P has excellent flexibility, is resistant to tearing and weathering.

EPDMis characterized by good properties for reversible deformation under the influence of mechanical forces.Strengths EPDM include excellent resistance to weather conditions, aging, chemicals, hot water and steam, good resistance to acepone, etc. the material has very good insulting properties, also in terms of electrical, low water vapors permeability, good heat resistance, extremely low fragility due to low temperature. 



Sheet Edge Safety Protect

Edge Protection

Product Code:3119102

225 Mt. / 13 Kg.


Side Clips EPDM Cabin Seal
Product Code:3119505
225 Mt. / 13 Kg.

AI. Profile Slide Gasket

Volume Damper Draw Seal
Product Code:3000249
225 Mt. / 13 Kg.

Alu. Profile Sash Seal

AI. Profile Sash Seal

Product code:3000737

200 meters

Sheet Edge Safety Protect

Edge Protection

Product Code:3119101

225 Mt. / 13 Kg.


Top Clips EPDM Cabin Seal
Product Code:315403
225 Mt. / 13 Kg.

AI. Profil Sürgü Conta

AI. Profile Draw Seal

Product Code:3000736

800 meters

Roving Corner Cutting Scissors

Seal Scissors Cut Corners

Product Code:3001132

1 pc.

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