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If you look for something with quality close to European standards and Chiness Price together, Turkey is right address. 

Because of Turkish govermental industrial development programs and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy specially the last 20 years, gets ınterest of many EU companies and manufacturers to came to turkey and fınd more benefite because of country geopolitical and high young educated in human resources population wıth many other advantages.  By this situate there many manufacturing and technology knowledges comes to turkish manufacturers and let them to placed their step in the way that developed countires made before to improve industries like Textile and Metal Machinery to construction and food industries. 

Nowadays in many middle east, north africa and new independed states MADE IN TURKEY means the modern designed,good quality with acceptable price.


Y-1c copy.jpg

  No car sale man talks with you about the gaskets quality used in doors but Imagine when rain poured in through the door of the car you have.

It happen just because manufacturer ignorance of door gasket matter and used low quality material.

But its roll is important however look cheap and nonsignificant.

Our Wide range of gaskets give solution for all your sealing requirements.


  In your produced Switchgear/ Rack panels or Air Handling Unit liked metal cabins, locks and hinges always are first elements which made contact with end-user costumer eyes and hands.


You entrust all those expensive valued items inside the cabin that equipped with you preferred to use locks and hinges.


This is the reason that we advise always advise you to use our high quality and trustable locks and hinges.


  There are many accessories used in different industries which have designed special for some special application or to make users operating easier.


We designed and made some of these special accessories for Electrical/Telecom. Panel and Air handling unit like manufacturers base on assembling and use problems which collect from users.




H. Rıfat Paşa Mah. Yüzer Havuz Sk. No.1/1, PERPA Tic. Merkezi 34384, B blok, 5. Kat, No.: 561, Şişli, Istanbul/ Turkey


: +90 536 784 43 01

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