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AHU Air Ways Open-Close Dampers Equipment

Mechanical units used to control the Open-Close command of the air inlet or outlet flow channels in Air Handling Units are called Open-Close dampers. This group of dampers consists of a total of 6 pieces of equipment.


• Frame Upper and Lower Aluminum Profile Code 4399005

• Frame Side Right and Left Aluminum Profile Code 4399004

• Damper Wing Aluminum Profile Code 4399003

• Plastic Gear Set that Provides the Rotational Movement Mechanism of the Blades for Damper Opening/Closing Code 2399001

• Damper Plug-in Coex Gasket that provides sealing Code 30868BT

• Aluminum Arm Providing Opening/Closing Movement Code 2399002 (Optional)

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Adjustment Lever

Product Code: 2399002


Product Code: 30868BT


The Role and Importance of Dampers in Ventilation and Air Handling Units

Mechanical units used to control air volumes or open/close air channels in air conditioning systems are called dampers. These dampers increase the air privacy and comfort of indoor spaces by adjusting the direction, amount and extent of air gap.

Aluminum Damper

Aluminum damper is preferred due to its lightness and resistance to temperatures. These dampers offer particularly moist and long-lasting use. Aluminum dampers are devices used in ventilation systems and designed to control air capacities. Since the main material of these dampers is aluminum, they have many advantages.


Lightness and Durability

Aluminum is a lightweight metal grade as well as being extremely durable. These features make aluminum dampers easy to transport and install, as well as ideal for long-lasting use.


Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum has a natural resistance to rust and corrosion. This feature is one of the main reasons why aluminum dampers are preferred, especially in moist and acidic conditions.

Energy efficiency

Aluminum dampers can increase energy amounts by effectively controlling air capacity. It helps to increase energy consumption in heating and cooling systems.

Flexible Design Options

Aluminum is a machinable metal and dampers can be produced in different sizes. This provides solutions suitable for special ventilation options.

Sound Insulation

Aluminum dampers are also effective in sound insulation. These dampers help dissipate the noise emitted during air distribution.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of maintenance and cleaning of aluminum dampers. Their resistance to rust and temperatures makes maintenance processes less troublesome.


Since aluminum is a recyclable material, aluminum dampers are an environmentally friendly option. This feature makes it preferred in sustainable building designs.

Damper Adjustment Handle

The damper adjustment lever is used to manually adjust the opening degree of the damper. Thanks to this lever, the air flow can be easily regulated as needed. Damper adjustment lever is a mechanical device used to control the degree of opening of ventilation dampers. This lever plays an important role in ventilation systems to regulate air flow. Damper adjustment lever allows the damper to be opened or closed manually. In this way, the air flow can be adjusted according to need. The lever is designed to facilitate the movement of the damper and usually operates by rotating or push-pull movements. These levers allow users to control airflow easily and quickly. Being a physical tool, it offers simpler and more understandable use than electronic or automatic systems. Damper adjustment handles are generally made of durable materials. This is especially important in harsh environmental conditions or in frequently used systems.

Manual or Motorized Control Advantage

In case of power outages or automatic system failures, the damper adjustment lever provides manual control, allowing the systems to continue operating. Damper adjustment lever has an important place in ventilation systems, thanks to its simple structure and high functionality. The use of these levers can be preferred in almost any environment where there is a need to control air flow. A properly designed and located damper adjustment handle increases the overall efficiency and ease of use of the ventilation system.






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