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Multi Functional Panel Lock-Hinge


The product can have two working functions as a Hinge and as a Lock both. Panel can be opened at any required direction or can be taken out completely.

Lockable Poliamid PA6 GFR30- Black

Functional Hinge Lock Dual Function Solution for Air Handling Units

Nowadays, the equipment used in air handling units is expected to have high standards in terms of functionality and efficiency. The functional hinge lock stands out as an innovative solution that meets these expectations. The functional hinge lock is an innovative hardware solution that combines lock and hinge functions in a single product. This product is especially designed for use in areas such as industrial applications and air handling units. Functional hinge lock stands out in modern industrial designs by providing both space saving and functional efficiency. These products are among the important components that increase the efficiency and security of businesses by providing security and ease of use in industrial facilities.


Technical Specifications of Functional Hinge Lock

The functional hinge lock is designed as a dual-function solution in industrial systems such as air handling units. This product acts as both a hinge and a lock, increasing the security and ease of use of the equipment.


Durable Material Structure

The product is made of stainless steel or similar durable materials. This ensures long-lasting use and resistance to extreme weather conditions. Dual Functionality The combination of hinge and lock functions eliminates the need for extra hardware and simplifies the assembly process.


Ergonomic Design

User-friendly design provides easy opening and closing and secure locking.


Ease of Use and Advantages

The functional hinge lock combines two different needs in a single product. This both saves costs and simplifies installation and maintenance.


Easy Access and Maintenance

The hinge feature provides easy access during maintenance and repair operations. This means time savings and operational efficiency.


Application Areas and Selection Criteria

Various Areas of Use: Functional hinge lock can be used in various industrial and commercial applications, especially in air handling units. Selection Criteria: When choosing a product, factors such as the security level of the lock mechanism, the carrying capacity of the hinge and the quality of the material should be taken into consideration. Functional hinge lock offers a practical, safe and efficient solution for industrial systems such as air handling units. This product is designed to meet the needs of modern industrial applications with features such as ease of use, safety and durability. The use of functional hinge locks contributes to safer and more efficient operation of air handling units, while also providing cost and labor savings.


Air Handling Unit Hinge

Air handling unit hinge is a type of hinge specially designed for panels and access doors of air handling units. These hinges are critical to ensuring that power plants operate safely and efficiently.


Customized Design

Hinges can be customized to suit the unique design and needs of air handling units. This is important to accommodate panels of different sizes and weights.


Technical Advantages and Ease of Use

The air handling unit hinge allows safe opening and closing of panels and access doors. This offers easy access during maintenance and repair of systems.

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