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If you are looking for a product of European quality and Chinese price at the same time, Turkey is the right address.

The state of Turkey industry implemented especially in the last 20 years due to its development policy and foreign capital investment supports a lot of incentives for the European industry to do manufacturing works in Turkey. Thanks to the geographical position of the country, the educated young population and the skilled labor force have enabled them to benefit from many advantages. However, industrialists in Turkey also by making use of new technology and sciences, thus following the development steps of modern advanced countries;from textile and metalworking machinery manufacturing, inşaat ve gidaya and a multi-industry opportunitydevelopment

Today, in many Middle East, North Africa and newly independent Middle Eastern Republics, MADE IN TURKEY title means modern design, good quality and reasonable price of a product.

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  No car dealer talks to you about the quality of gaskets used in the door, but imagine water passing through the door edge of your vehicle in the rain!

This only emerged because the manufacturer did not know the importance of the door gasket and used poor quality goods. 

Our Adhesive and Plug-in Gaskets are manufactured to a complete solution for all your sealing needs.


  Hinges and locks are always the first materials that come into contact with the eyes and hands of users in products such as Electric/Telecom panels or Air Handling Units that you manufacture.

You entrust all those valuable specific materials you place in the cabinet to the hinges/locks you use.

That's why we always recommend the use of quality and reliable hinge locks that we produce.


  Many accessories specifically designed for use in various industries are required. These make the work of the manufacturer or the user about the product more practical and easier.


We design and manufacture these special accessories for industries such as Air Conditioning/Ventilation, Electrical/Telecom panels.



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: +90 536 784 4301

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