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Why Self Adhesive Polyurethane Gasket?

Polyurethane or Urethane chemical components are obtained materials as a result of chemical reaction with Polyol + Isocyanate raw materials. And shortly named PU. Polyurethane liquid (molten) casting gasket due to its chemical and physical properties in many sectors is the most preferred material.

But for many medium and small manufacturers considered with all advantages this sealing technology has, known as expensive technology because of cost of the it's robotic machine.

PU Gasket Inj.jpg

We made...

This technology sealing product more accessible to much cheaper. by the unique manufacturing system which our creative engineers designed, you don't need to buy a robotic machine and invest your money and separate some place of your manufacturing area for the machine which will work just for a few hours per day or week.

You will have sealing gasket which all specification from row material till manufacturing and function methods are same with sealing gaskets which you see in high tech expensive production.


PU Gasket Advantages

1.  Heat, noise, dust and liquids isolation providing (IP55/65).

2. Practice and easy in use.

3. Non-Deformation even for long squeeze time.

4. High strength and resist again abrasion.

5. UV resistance. No cracks and become matte.

6. Heat resistance between +110⁰ C and -30⁰ C.

7. No slip and snap.

8. Usable for indoor and outdoor conditions.

9. Dirt Free, No Rottenness.

10. Long life. (min. 30 year)

PU Gasket Touch.jpg
PU Gasket Dim.jpg

Product Application

Polyurethane liquid (molten) casting gaskets are most preferred insulating material known in the world to having best ingress protection IP degree (IP 55/65). it also has excellent Heat, Sound, Dust, Liquid insulation and especially using on , industrial locks, HVAC Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Air Handling Units AHU ,Medical Equipment (Anti Bacterial Type is available) and on the other hand polyurethane liquid gaskets are the first choice Electric Switch-gear panels, Data and Communication Racks, Outdoor Metal Enclosures, Lighting Industry manufacturers.


Please watch applying videos on our YouTube channel.


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