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Why Self Adhesive Polyurethane Gasket?​

It is a material obtained as a result of the chemical reaction of the chemical components of polyurethane or urethane polyol + isocyanate raw materials. This product also called PU for short. Polyurethane liquid cast gaskets are the most preferred material in many sectors due to their chemical and physical properties. It is the first choice of manufacturers of electrical panels, industrial switches, air-conditioning/ventilation, automotive, telecom and lighting industry sectors because it is the best insulating material known in the world and also because it provides excellent heat, sound, dust and liquid insulation in (IP 55/65) insulation.

However, for many medium and small manufacturers, evaluated with all its advantages, this sealing technology is known as expensive technology due to the cost of the robotic machine.

PU Gasket Inj.jpg

We did...

We've brought the sealing gasket technology to a much cheaper and more easily applicable form . Thanks to the very special robotic machine designed by our clever engineers, you will no longer need to spend taking from your capital and workplace by buying those expensive robots for only a few hours a day or a week.

From the raw material to the shape and appearance of the product all the features of the PU Liquid Gasket you know  robot machines.


PU Gasket Advantages

1. Heat, Sound, Dust and Liquid insulation (IP55/65).

2. Practical and very easy application.

3. It will not deform when compressed for a long time.

4. It is highly resistant to abrasion.

5. Resistant to ultraviolet rays. Does not crack, does not dull.

6. +100° C and -30° C hot and cold resistant.

7. It does not slip or break from where it is applied.

8. It can be used in indoor and outdoor areas.

9. Does not hold dirt. It does not produce bacteria. Çürümez. Does not smell.

10. It is long lasting. (at least 30 years)

PU Gasket Touch.jpg
PU Gasket Dim.jpg

Product Application

Polyurethane liquid cast gaskets; It is considered as one of the most preferred materials for users looking for a High Protection Degree (IP55/65) in the world. Since it can provide excellent leakage for liquids such as heat, sound, dust and water, especially electrical panel switches, air-conditioning, air units and medical supplies etc._cc78199405-5cde-31 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_used in industry. PU Liquid Gaskets are one of the most preferred materials for electrical panels, data and telecom cabinets.

For product application, please

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